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International Marketing Concepts

White Papers

Plastisol Transfer

Learn more about the different processes that a Plastisol Transfer has, so you can achieve the best brand exposure possible. 


Pad Printing

One of the most common forms of printing on your promotional products. But, how do you know when to Pad print and when to Screen print? Download the informative piece to learn more.


Embossing and Debossing

Have you ever wondered what the difference was? Pink Rhino have done their research for you. Simply download the quick and easy file on when to use an Emboss or Deboss print.


Screen Printing

Often one of the most economical form of branding, Pink Rhino can offer insight to when one should use this branding method to achieve a quality print. Download the informative piece to learn more.


Laser Engraving

With the demand for personalised jewelry, the capabilities and benefits of laser engraving has increased through time. Ever wondered how easy the process was, download the piece to learn more about it!


New Promotional Product Concepts

Needing an idea for your promotional product launch, Pink Rhino shares some important tips on how to make sure you achieve higher brand awareness. Download the informative piece for free!


Where do your promotional dollars go?

One car - one happy consumer; 10,000 homes with continual brand presence?
Your choice - rewarding the masses with branded promotional products. Download our information piece on effective spending for brand awareness.



Unsure when to use Embroidery or to print onto the garments. Download the Pink Rhino brand tips on how you can effectively use this branding method on your apparel.


Brand Positioning

3 Key research issues that must be addressed to help you divide the market into unique segments that help you select your target market. Download now to learn more.


Brand Equity

Unsure on what Brand Equity is? Pink Rhino has done the research for you, to help you improve your brand's equity and commercial value perceived by  consumers. 


The Gifts of Promotion

A good key to advertising can be encapsulated by heavy use of gifts and promotional merchandise. Pink Rhino provides an informative piece on achieving dual purpose of valuing and respecting customer patronage while succinctly promoting brand and the ideal of the company.


Corporate Gifting Ideas

If you want to survive in your market, you need to maintain a good corporate relationship with your partners and counterparts so that you can get some benefits and most importantly retain your customers. Download the Pink Rhino Corporate Gifting Ideas to learn more.


The Basics of Awards and Gifts

Pink Rhino gives you a breakdown on helping you choose the right gifts that are appropriate for your intended audience or person. Download now to learn more.


The Power of Promotional Products

Download this detailed analysis to learn more about the promotional industry, the applications of promotional products and the research studies on how effective Promotional products really are.


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