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International Marketing Concepts

Writing Instruments

Promotional Merchandise- Writing Instruments

Pens are an essential business accessory. When you use promotional pens to reach your customers you’re providing them with a handy writing instrument that’s going to find a place in their office, handbag, car or home.

Used on a daily basis, Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Pens will place your brand front of mind and allow for countless repeat exposures to your brand. From economic styles to reputable brands such as Balmain, Pink Rhino can help you find just the right pen for your brand and message.

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Promotional Merchandise- Highlighters

Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Highlighters can be used in a professional or personal setting. They offer a larger branding area than a pen. They can be utilised as a stand-alone marketing tool or simply a part of a larger gift package due to their size and price. The casing that holds the highlighter may be manufactured using plastic, wood, or metals. Pad printing is the most common print method used on these pens, and this allows the brand to create a design in single or multiple colours of their choice.

Promotional Merchandise- Pencils and Crayons

Until this day the humble pencil still has a place in the writing instruments world.  Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Pencils can be branded to suite a wide variety of industries. They can be utilised as a stand-alone marketing tool or simply a part of a larger gift package due to their size and price. Pencils are manufactured using several different types of wood. Pad printing and full colour digital printing are the most common branding methods.

Promotional Merchandise- Plastic Pens

Plastic is a classic material option for a sturdy pen, and this variety of pen is often the most affordable. Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Plastic pens are promotional items within reach to companies or brands of any size, and wide distribution can be achieved without the worry of breaking a marketing budget. Brands of all types who may be involved in any industry can appreciate the use of a plastic pen in marketing, as these are products widely used by vast demographics of individuals.

Plastic pens will often have long lives and see many years of use, and some models are even re-fillable to allow them to live even longer. By using a promotional item with a long lifespan, such as a plastic pen, a brand can achieve large levels of exposure through marketing with only one affordable item. Pad printing is used to place brand images onto plastic pens, and this method allows a brand to choose a single or multi coloured print to display their design. Printing will place a logo onto the print area of each piece, and this is commonly located down the long barrel of the pen’s body.

Promotional Merchandise- Tech Pens

Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Tech Pens are the must have accessory for any person or business. With the advancement in touchscreen technology a promotional tech pen can really help to make the transition much easier. Because so much of technology is made to be portable, tech pens can be used while a recipient is on the go. This will also mean that others will see and remember any branding which may be placed on the pen as they are used.

Promotional tech pens come in a multitude of different styles, colours and materials to suit your budget. Brass and other metals are available for branding with laser engraving as a higher end option. A more affordable option is a plastic pen which can be pad printed on.  These pens are more inexpensive when compared to the metal variety, however they are equally as usable.



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