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International Marketing Concepts


Promotional Merchandise- Signage

Promotional signs are a great asset outdoors and indoors.  Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise wide range of promotional signage styles ensure you can maximise the impact of your available space and maximise on your long term branding investment.

Holding an event? Our signage section holds the key to a great event. From large scale items such as marquees, to bunting we’ve got all your signage sorted.

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us on 1300 462 462 and we will find the right solution for you.

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Promotional Merchandise- Awards and Plaques 

Pull out all the stops with the Pink Rhino Promotional Awards and Plaques. From corporate gifts to employee recognition promotional awards and plaques are suitable for all occasions. What a great way to increase motivation within your workplace by setting a standard for recognising achievement throughout the workplace. A variety of styles are available to suit your requirements and corporate flair.

Promotional Merchandise- Banners

Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Banners are a great use of space. Promotional banners can be used for a trade show, conference or just around the office. A cost effective way to show your branding proudly to the world. They come in a range of styles, sizes and base media types which will satisfy the budgetary requirements of your company. Each banner will come with a storage bag and everything you need to make sure it has a long and productive life for your business. Branding can be one or two sided to suit everyone’s budget and base options are available to suit indoor and outdoor spaces.

Promotional Merchandise- Marquees

The Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Marquee is the ultimate marketing tool. Promotional marquees can play a significant role in allowing your brand or company’s product or service offering to stand out and shine in what can often be a cluttered environment of stalls, stands and other marquees. They have a multi-use function, from indoors as a way to identify your brand at an expo to outdoors protecting yourself and the public from the elements. Marquees can vary in size and there is also an option to add walls, walls with windows or even half walls to create a specific atmosphere for your space. All these elements can also be branded on.

Promotional Merchandise- Novelty Cheques

Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Novelty Cheques are still a popular marketing tool for your business. Whether to engage your customers or reward internal stakeholders they are a fun product. They can vary in material from corflute to PVC and can be custom designed to meet your branding requirements.

Promotional Merchandise- Point of Sale

Point of Sale is a specialised form or sales promotion that is found near, on or next to a checkout counter. Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise offers point of sale that can be utilised in many facets of your business. From brochure holders, floor mats to bunting they can become an important element of your marketing activities. With an option to customise your promotional point of sale you can create the right fit for your look, feel and budget.

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