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International Marketing Concepts

Promotional IT Products

Promotional Merchandise- Technology

Our practical, useful and innovative promotional technology products can be branded with your logo so your customers continue to carry your brand message where ever they go.  See below for some of the leading edge technological products the Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise team has on offer.

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Promotional Merchandise- Power Banks

Modern communication devices have made business and communication more efficient. However a major limitation that holds them back is ‘Power’. Due to the limitation in batteries promotional power banks have become increasingly popular. They can be offered as personal gifts or as business aids. A clear message is sent to people and that is that your organisation plans ahead and is innovative.  Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Power Banks will vary in size and capacity and can fit your branding needs.

Promotional Merchandise- Phone Accessories

Phones are part of our everyday activities. Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Phone Accessories are fun pieces that give a person the ability to customise and personalise their mobile phones. These pieces are made to stand out and add a little something extra. They can vary from functionality to a more quirky and fun style, suitable to your branding message. Promotional phone accessories range from phone covers, cleaning cloths to charms.  

Promotional Merchandise- Sound

We are always surrounded by music and our phones and MP3 devices store hundreds of our favourite songs. Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Speakers and headphones are a great way to fill the gap in providing quality sound to listen to your music, allowing you to be your own DJ. Placing a logo or message on a speaker allows a brand to reach a wide audience, and the portability of speakers gives these products the opportunity to branch out to an ever wider audience.

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