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International Marketing Concepts

Promotional Confectionery

Promotional Merchandise- Confectionery

Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise offers Confectionery as the perfect items for corporate gifts or promotional campaigns. Lollies are considered a treat, people tend to have a positive association with them, which will then be passed on to your company. Confectionary comes in a manageable size, ease of people to take away. Affordability is also a positive purchasing power as you can buy in bulk. Branding is also easily customised for various confectionary items.

Simple and sweet, our Promotional Confectionery products will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Supplied in branded packaging these tasty treats will place your brand tip of tongue and top of mind.

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Promotional Merchandise- Chocolate

Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Chocolate is universally appealing and just about any audience can appreciate a bit of sweetness! Because the audience for chocolate is so wide, branded chocolates can be used efficiently by companies in any sort of industry. Chocolate has the ability to transcend different demographics with ease, and this allows any brand the opportunity to reach truly unlimited audiences with one affordable promotional product.

Dark, milk, and white chocolate varieties are available to appeal to individual tastes, and the wrapping or form of the chocolate may also vary depending on a brand’s budget and marketing preferences. For high impact marketing campaigns using promotional chocolate, full bars and chocolate sets can really place a brand in the spotlight in terms of branded chocolate, but smaller pieces can be used as well to cater to larger audiences.

Promotional Merchandise- Lollies

People love lollies and at Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise we can assist you to customise your corporate gift or a package for your next promotional campaign.  Promotional lollies range in size, flavour and packaging. They can be used to effectively and appropriately market a vast array of different brands, and this is due to the confection’s mass appeal.

Promotional lollies are made from high quality ingredients and their packaging will hold most of the branding. Containers can be chosen from a variety of materials such as glass, plastic or metal to meet your budget.

Promotional Merchandise- Mints

Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Mints will leave you feeling like a breath of fresh air. A mint is a classic refreshment piece, and all types of individuals enjoy a bit of refreshment during the course of their day. Promotional mints are not only sharable, but portable and convenient as well, allowing brands to provide an item to their recipients which they are sure to use and likely to expose to others. When a person takes out their mint tin, roll, or box, they will often offer a mint to whomever they may be dining or enjoying time with, and if the mints are branded, these products will be able to serve a dual purpose. Not only will they be able to provide worthwhile refreshment to a friend, relative, or colleague, but they will expose the branding placed on the mints to these individuals as well, inadvertently placing the brand into a positive place in the minds of the consumer.

Promotional mints can be manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes, flavours, and colours, and the packaging is what will typically hold the majority of the marketing impact. For a display piece to hold promotional mints, a box, tin, or jar is often very effective, and while less portable, these are made and branded to catch the eye while resting on a desk or table space. These made be made from metals, plastics, or glass depending on a brand’s taste and budget.

Promotional Merchandise- Savoury

Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise offers a variety of promotional savoury snacks from biscuits to nuts. They might not be the first thought for a promotion but they are definitely a popular choice. The promotional biscuit is a great partner for beverages at functions, meetings and conventions. Supplied with custom branding in a tin or single serve packaging to suit your requirements the promotional biscuit is an edible marketing tool that your employees or clients will enjoy.

Promotional pack of snack foods are also a great corporate gift idea when you are looking for something a little different. A great giveaway at outdoor events or just as samples for your customers. Inexpensive yet popular promotional snack food is a way to make a favourable impression. It's easy to put these snacks to work and brand them with your company information, and they offer an affordable solution that will get the word out and get people interested in your company.

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