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Promotional Merchandise- Memory

Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Flash drives are one of the great technical innovations of the last decade. The large amount of data that can be easily stored and retrieved on a small USB makes them a common and practical choice in your promotional activity. They can also be offered as a custom corporate gift.

Promotional flash drives are ideal for data transfer, music files or images. Instead of traditional brochures and booklets which can incur large printing costs you can save on by having the data loaded on a promotional flash drive instead. You can load them with graphics, videos, PDF documents and more. Receiving a USB will create curiosity and well-designed content can keep your target audience busy for hours.

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Promotional Merchandise- Credit Card USB

Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Credit Card Flash Drives are slim, discreet and offer various storage options. It is a convenient flash drive style which fits easily into a wallet. They vary in material as either plastic or stainless steel, this allows a brand to choose if they would prefer a more premium option or not. Branding is generally via laser engraving when on a steel flash drive, this method of branding allows the branding to stay more vibrant and longer. Plastic card flash drives are also excellent options, and these are manufactured using durable and sturdy plastic materials. A full colour digital print will adorn these cards with a brand's desired image, and this type of print is known to produce bright and noticeable colour saturation.

Promotional Merchandise- Custom USB

A Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Custom USB is a great way to provide a promotional item that is unique to your company. A design which stands out from the rest will garner the most attention. Any design can be produced as a 3D model. The limitless design options of a USB appeal to many different industries. Materials vary from plastic and silicone to metals. They will vary in cost and final finish you wish to achieve.

Promotional Merchandise- Packaging

When presenting a professional branded item, such as a flash drive, the presentation of the piece can be as important as the piece itself, and this means that the packaging should match the style and sophistication of the USB flash drive chosen. While any recipient would be happy to receive a branded flash drive, one that is enclosed in smart branded packaging will undoubtedly make a greater impact in their minds, causing them to both remember and cherish the piece. Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise offers various promotional packaging to suit your requirements.

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