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International Marketing Concepts

Corporate Gift Ideas

Promotional Merchandise- Business and Desk Accessories

Branding essential office items is one of the best ways to ensure your company catches the attention of your intended audience. Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise offers a wide variety of products that will aid in awareness of your business. Promotional Business and Desk Accessories act as an effective brand ambassador, they are timeless mementos that bring an aura of organisation and peace to even the most cluttered desk. These accessories will help bring a sense of style and sophistication to any office and as such a great corporate gift.

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Promotional Merchandise- Mouse Mats

The mouse mat is a Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise essential. A promotional mouse mat rests on a desk where it is in plain visible view and perfect for showing a brand image. A mouse mat can be appreciated by a variety of different industries and the use of these promotional items in marketing does not need to be limited to office or technology related brands. This is because a wide range of individuals will use a mouse mat. A brand could also use branded mouse mats around a professional office space to provide a more unified look to office d├ęcor, and employees will be able to appreciate a high-quality product that makes them feel like more of a team. As clients come to visit an office, this branding will be highly noticeable around the space to prove the type of pride a team shows in their company.

Standard mouse mats are an affordable and functional option made of a foam base for comfort and track laminate for ideal functionality. Each standard mouse mat can be branded using an all over digital printing process to give the product a way to allow the brand to stand out.

Promotional Merchandise- Clocks

Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise clocks make an excellent corporate gift. Timepieces are looked at constantly, which makes them the perfect item for branding. Promotional clocks come in a range to suit various clients and campaigns: desk clocks for offices; travel clocks for business trips and visitors; and wall clocks for any indoor setting. Branding or personalising can be accomplished either by pad printing your logo onto the face, or by engraving on the outer frame. Give a prospective client a classy gift or reward loyal staff with these beautiful pieces.

Promotional Merchandise- Stationery

Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Stationery becomes part of daily office life. As much as the computer has taken over some of the traditional roles stationery was once used for, people still need notepads and mouse mats to work efficiently. Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise will utilise these items for branding opportunities. It is vital to however select the right Promotional Stationery products which still have value in the modern office landscape.

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