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International Marketing Concepts

Promotional Products

Promotional Merchandise- Promotion and Novelty

Quirky and fun, Pink Rhino’s Promotional Merchandise range of novelty gifts are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. From easing tension with stress balls, to cow bells these gifts will no doubt be randomly unexpected, yet appreciated for their creativity. Why not even surprise your clients with a unique corporate gift.

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Promotional Merchandise- Stress Shapes

Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Stress Shapes are fun and inexpensive. The workplace can be a stressful environment, the gift of a stress toy allows your client something on which to vent their frustrations.  A well-chosen stress toy will find a place on a desk or in another prominent position.  With a large selection available there is an option to customise your design to create an original stress toy to fit your brand image or even a new product.

Promotional Merchandise- Tattoos

What a better way to endorse your brand than for one of your customers to have a Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Tattoo close to their skin. Promotional tattoos are a cheap promotional item to hand out at events or as a way to keep kids occupied and entertained. Temporary tattoos are applied by placing the product onto the skin and allowing the image to transfer using moisture, and they can be removed easily by a washing with soap and water, allowing any recipient to use these products with no fear of harm or damage to the skin. Those in entertainment, fashion, or sports can market their brand appropriately using temporary tattoos; however these can reach an unlimited market with the right creative designs.

Temporary tattoos are manufactured using skin safe ink and a paper backing to allow for easy and safe application, and these may come in a wide array of different sizes, styles, or colours. Promotional tattoos can even be designed to turn a company’s logo or message into the tattoo itself, and this is often desired when a brand wants to make their logo as noticeable as possible.

Promotional Merchandise- Novelty

A great way to engage potential or existing customers is by introducing some promotional novelty items to create excitement. Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise believes a positive attitude is critical in business and in promotions using a branded novelty item is one way to generate positive emotions which will in time convert into higher brand awareness and therefore an increase in sales. As there are limitless promotional novelty items available it is vital to select those that meet your brand guidelines and your brand message.

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