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International Marketing Concepts

Health & Personal

Promotional Merchandise- Health and Personal

Nothing says you care about your clients more than an item from our health and personal range. Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise offers branded health fitness promotional products that will connect you with your customers. They encourage healthy living and activity so they also work as motivators and rewards for staff fitness programs or just to improve the level of engagement and energy around your office. When you put your logo on a promotional health product you're sending a range of messages, not just that you offer care and support but that your organisation stands on the side of health and wellbeing in all its activities.

Promotional Health and Personal items can be utilised within your organisation for example personal grooming products to encourage your staff to look their best when dealing with the public. Custom health promotional items are also a great way to start your company health program or fitness campaign.

All promotional health and personal products are easily branded. Some even offering a large print area where you can leave information about your business.

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Promotional Merchandise- Personal Items

A large part of the art of using personal promotional gifts correctly as part of your marketing mix is using them to create a connection between individuals. Giving one of your contacts a thoughtful corporate gift which they will find useful and use regularly is a great way to show you understand and care while leaving a long-term reminder of your contact details and availability should the need arise to make contact. Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise team understands that people use a vast array of personal products every day, and putting a brand’s image onto these important little luxuries can allow a brand to stay in the forefront of a person’s mind. Personal products such as dental floss, nail clippers, hair brushes, and cold packs make regular appearances in the everyday lives of many different individuals all around the globe, and as a person reaches for their product of choice, the branding on that product can be what they notice each time.

Promotional Merchandise- Sport & Gym

Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Sport and Gym is the right fit for Australia’s obsession with sport and fitness. More people have also begun to reconnect with the outdoors and promotional sport merchandise is a great way to leverage the message that your brand is encouraging healthy living. Your companies association with promotional sports and gym merchandise is an ideal way to connect with an active audience.

Promotional Merchandise- Sunglasses

Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Sunglasses are always present on someone’s face and this is the area in which most people will look when talking with one another. This means Promotional Sunglasses allow for maximum brand exposure. Recipients will utilise the sunglasses at a company event, vacation or out and about during daily activities. Many sunglasses are manufactured out of sturdy plastics, metal is also a possible option. In most cases the branding will be placed on the arms of the glasses, however in some instances they can be placed on the top or bottom corner of a lens.

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