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International Marketing Concepts

ECO Friendly Promotional Products

Promotional Merchandise- ECO Products

The Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise team believes that a well-chosen environmentally friendly promotional product makes a positive statement about the attitudes of your company. It can drive your marketing message and show your commitment to social responsibilities with your next promotional item or corporate gift.

Eco- friendly is a colloquial term used to classify a product that will not cause damage to the environment. In practice, the term has no specific meaning, other than to indicate that the design and manufacture of the product attempts to reduce waste, or minimize carbon emissions, compared to competitive products.

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Promotional Merchandise- ECO Apparel

Eco Apparel is focused on clothing that takes into account not only the environment, but the health of the consumers who will be wearing the clothes and the working conditions of the people involved with making the clothes. Clothes are made from recycled textiles, without the use of certain harmful chemicals. Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise team recommends Promotional Eco Apparel as a great alternative to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Promotional Merchandise- ECO Bags

Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise ECO Bags come in all shapes and sizes. Promotional ECO bags have many different uses in promotion and these bags can serve all of these uses while projecting an environmentally friendly message. When a recipient carries with them a branded eco bag, the logo or company name located on the bag will be in a front facing and visible location allowing the company to gain maximum exposure while providing an item of convenience. Eco bags are made from economically sustainable materials, and with green living rising in popularity, these are bags that many will be proud to carry often as they go about their day to day tasks. Eco bags are an inexpensive and versatile corporate gift or promotional item for your next campaign.

The two most popular eco bags are made of recycled plastics or cotton, with both options providing an affordable and sturdy branded product. Cotton enviro bags are easy to clean, and the materials used to create the bags are all harvested in an environmentally friendly fashion. Enviro bags crafted from recycled plastics are notably strong, and these may be best for carrying produce, groceries, or other more delicate items.

Promotional Merchandise- ECO Pens

Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise ECO pens are designed to give back to the environment while providing you with office supplies that you can use for corporate gifts or promotions. There are a lot of environmentally friendly pen styles to choose from. The high quality pens are great for every budget. Promotional ECO Pens can be made of recycled paper, plastics or all natural bamboo harvested sustainably. Pad printing is the most common branding method.

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