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International Marketing Concepts

Home & Living

Promotional Merchandise- Home and Living

As consumers we are always looking for convenience in our product selection. Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise provides a wide selection of Home and Living products. All the items can be branded with your company logo. Picture frames, kitchen and bar accessories, the choice is yours for your next corporate gift or promotional giveaway.

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Promotional Merchandise- Bar Accessories

Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Bar Accessories are a promotional favourite. They can be utilised in personal or public bars and any chosen tool may be branded to represent a particular company. These promotional items may appeal to a wide range of people, and when used in a professional setting they can place a brand just where they want to be in the minds of the consumer. When any type of bar accessories are branded, an establishment or company can put their names into the minds of the consumer in a subtle way that also relates their brand to feelings of positivity and celebration; a marketing strategy proven to be effective time and time again.

Branded bar accessories of all prices may be chosen from, and all marketing budgets can be satisfied using these items.  Promotional bar accessories such as bar mats, coasters or bottle openers can be made up of rubber, plastic, metal or glass. Screen printing, laser engraving or pad printing may be used to place branding onto an item.

Promotional Merchandise- Entertaining

Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise has recognised the popularity of cooking shows and the heightened interest in cooking. A quality kitchenware item will always find a prominent place where your logo will be on permanent display.

Branded kitchenware comes in a variety of different materials and price points, so a brand has the choice to market themselves using which ever items they deem most appropriate. Those in the food industry or houseware can often best appreciate the use of promotional kitchenware in marketing or even as a fun and innovative corporate gift.

Promotional Merchandise- Homewares

Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Homewares range gives your organisation the opportunity to expose your brand beyond business hours. The promotional homeware gifts can become a staple of domestic meal preparation, family gatherings or weekend activities. When these items are in play in your daily activities your brand exposure is at its peak. It is important to choose the item that will be most effective and resinate with your target audience.

Promotional Merchandise- Photo Frames

All types of people use photo frames for a variety of different reasons, and they can be found adorning desks and walls. Pink Rhino Promotional Merchandise Photo Frames are products that are made for noticeable display and observers notice the photos held in these frames, they can also notice a brand logo or design. Promotional photo frames are items that are made with the sole purpose of being noticed, making them excellent pieces to use in marketing.


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